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Digital Services

Now ready for your digital scans

Digital - You Ask, We Answer

We are ready for new 3D printing technologies.

We can now receive your prescriptions & scans digitally, manipulate them and print your models to create appliances.

What scanner(s) do I need in order to send you a scan?

Honestly, it really doesn't matter what scanner you use.  Although I am registered with iTero (26813), am a 3M partner, and work with easyRx, as long as the scan is saved in STL format, which is the standard format on every scanner currently in the orthodontic market, I can accept yours!

How do I send you a scan?

My preferred method is through easyrx.

You can send your scan through iTero - my iTero ID is 26813 I also accept scans through 3M and MEDIT as well.

If you are not using any of those services, please call or email me to arrange special easyrx services, email or Dropbox methods.

easy rx

How long do you keep my scan files?

We keep your scans on our server for 30 days. If within that time you need a repeat/change of the Rx, even though we still have the file, we require you to upload the file again to a new Rx to avoid any miscommunication.

Can I scan a patient with braces?

Yes! We can erase the brackets off the teeth on our digital editing software.

For best results, make sure to remove arch wire in order for your scanner to capture bracket information more accurately and ensure a better fitting appliance. After your scan is complete, make sure to insert a passive arch wire back in the patient's mouth. Any active movements in the wire after the scan will compromise the fit of the final appliance.

Are there any appliances that would require me to scan the opposing arch?

  • Splint/Nightguard

  • Habit Appliances

  • Any appliance with posterior occlusal coverage

  • Pedo Partials

  • Any appliance with a Pontic that would require accurate occlusion

Is there an extra cost to print digital models?

Yes there is. Please see our Price Guide to ensure you are getting the correct price for your printing need.

Does the transition to digital sound daunting to you?

We know what is racing through your mind: Cost? Learning curves! Benefits? Integration?

It is actually simpler than you may think.

We are here to help answer all of your questions when it comes to going digital. Interested in learning more? Contact Charles at the lab a call, or email him at

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